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Students require learning solutions that are customized and available on-demand. Study Mart provides the option of requesting new courses by specific tutors.

What does each crash course include?

We deliver a strong curriculum and exam preparation materials suited to your needs.

  • Short videos explaining main concepts

  • Solving assignment examples within the tutorials

  • Cheat sheets

  • Exam tips and tricks

  • Common questions, blunders and easy grade boosters


Exceed Expectations

Salma Awad - Student

The course exceeded my expectations in many regards — especially in the depth of information supplied and the Q&As for well practicing. In a very non-threatening environment, I learnt the key principles of design that I can implement immediately.

Working on education in the digital world via StudyMart has been exciting and rewarding


Normally I’m skeptical about education startups, but the guys at StudyMart delivered! I joined as a Pharma tutor, created my first course, and quickly jumped to the second. I didn't realize that I’d be as excited about teaching digitally as I am in lecture halls. I’m so looking forward to creating more courses on StudyMart.”

It taught me what I wanted to learn

Sara Elshafie - Student

Very well organized and conceived. By following the course, I was able to learn and build on the concepts with minimal questions or frustration. It taught me what I wanted to learn, was well organized, and well-paced. I’m already applying what I learned at work.

Great Experience

Ahmed Baraka - Tutor

I was getting ready to travel to Germany for my Master of Science and had some time on my hand. I created a physics course on StudyMart, and the whole experience was positive. The team was available every step of the way steering the process and ensuring satisfactory results. Definitely a recommended platform for STEM tutors and students alike.

StudyMart is a lifesaver in Physics

Fadi Abdo - Student

StudyMart is a lifesaver in Physics. I struggled with the online lectures my institution opted for as a means of distance learning. The course on StudyMart was much more organized and straight-to-the-point. Waiting for more courses.