• How do I know if this is the right tutor for me?

    StudyMart gives you the opportunity to a substantial amount of the content before purchasing, and we hope by the time you view the content you will be able to make a well-informed decision about whether the content suits your learning requirements!

  • Can I request a course?

    Of course! Here's the link https://studymart.thinkific.com/pages/courses-on-demand

  • Can you do my assignment?

    No! We are here to deliver the guidance and help needed to help you reach your learning objectives, but we do not condone any kind of plagiarism or any activities that breach your respective universities ratified code of conduct

  • How can I become a tutor?

    Of course! Just look at the guide link here: https://studymart.thinkific.com/pages/tutors-guidlines And then signup here: https://studymart.thinkific.com/users/sign_up